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Whether you need operation and maintenance services or facility management, you can count on our company to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions. We cater to a diverse clientele from both the public and private sectors with a wide range of services.



About our Company

Fortune Stars contracting Est

"Fortune Stars contracting Est provides professional labor for various service and industrial sectors. We value diversity and respect in our culture and we embrace individual differences in our interactions. We act with integrity and honesty and we support each other and work together to achieve more than what is expected. We promote non-violence and respect and we communicate with all team members to leverage their own strengths.

Our Goals

Equip our staff with the tools, guidance to meet the clients’ needs and ensure that the work is done as planned. the commitment to fair choice, the creation of a diverse workforce and the pursuit of continuous improvement.


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Our Mission

We are  a leading company in the region, delivering unparalleled efficiency and innovation to meet customer needs. Whether you want a new service or need to enhance your existing process, our experts  have designed solutions to optimize operations.


Our Vision

Our company  Is highly committed in providing professional service staffs with Ability, Capability, Interest & Determination (ACID) dedicated and caring to various needs of the clients. It grows to provide management support and quality human services


Our Services


Selling scrap, iron, copper, and scrap in Riyadh of all kinds. Contact us now so that we can reach you wherever you are in Riyadh. Buying iron, scrap, and copper is a profession that requires high experience, in assessing scrap and scrap correctly and displaying its real price. It is an art that only a few can master.


We provide a high-level cleaning service that can be completely trusted and will provide a wide range of services to clients from the government and private sectors. 

Staff Supply Services

Recruitment of candidate for project
Induction of employee on our payroll Creation and maintenance of Employee P-file
Payroll processing & legal compliance Paid by company  as per its policies
Employee engagement and life cycle management
Collection of billing amount from Client as per agreement
After completion Movement to other projects
Take over option with one time charge


Saad Mohammed Algarni Est. has earned an exceptional reputation for successfully supplying talented hospitality providers in a wide range of senior, middle and lower levels in hotels, spas, clubs, restaurants, conference facilities, campus and university catering, hospitality services, coffee shop and other areas of the hospitality industry.

Why Fortune Stars Contracting

We Are Leader In Saudi Market Since 2000

Industry experience for over decades in Facility Management services.

20% low cost compare to MNC”s. System and process oriented

Provides services at a competitive price

Achieve highest level of quality through process-driven delivery methods.